I Already Own a Home Improvement Business, Should I Buy a Kitchen Tune-Up?

KTUFran_Headers-NextSteps.jpgFranchising is a tried and true way for people to enter the business scene, but it can also be a great opportunity for people who are looking to expand their current business.

The answer is quick and resounding yes! If you’re already running a home improvement business, then owning your own Kitchen Tune-Up franchise is not only possible, it’s likely to be a match made in heaven. Franchising is a tried and true way for people to enter the business scene, but it can also be a great opportunity for people who have already proven their entrepreneurial chops.

So now that you know there’s no rule or regulation stopping you from adding a Kitchen Tune-Up to your existing home improvement business, we’ll move on to the next question:

Why should you consider buying a Kitchen Tune-Up in addition to your established home improvement business?

Franchising is an additional source of revenue

We’ll get the obvious reason out of the way first, adding a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise to your existing business can be a smart move financially. Franchising allows you to add an extra source of revenue to your current business setup and can smooth over your business process as a whole.

Offering the whole package

Actually, let’s dive into that idea of smoothing over your business offerings. Kitchen Tune-Up may just be the missing piece of your business cycle. Being able to offer the whole nine yards is a very appealing pitch to most customers. People want to be able to get their remodeling done in a few phases as possible, so why not give them that option?

The high quality, fast and affordable kitchen and bath remodeling offered through Kitchen Tune-Up is the perfect compliment to almost any home improvement business. If customers already trust you for their flooring needs, carpeting or interior design expertise, then coming back when their kitchen needs an update is only natural.

Business growth

Sooner or later every new business hits that crossroads. You want to continue expanding and growing, but you’re wary about spreading yourself too thin. Traditional horizontal or vertical growth strategies may not be the best option for those looking to grow without overreaching.

Add-on franchising allows you to leverage your current space and customers. Rather than creating new offerings from scratch, you can take advantage of the “business in a box” franchise model to simply fill in the gaps left by your current home improvement business. This synergistic approach to growth lets your business grow into itself, taking full advantage of the resources you already have, rather than purely growing outwards.

Seasonal business

Adding a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise to your existing business can also be a great way to fill in your schedule. Some home improvement tasks are more seasonal than others, and having an extra offering on hand to tide you over during slower months can be instrumental in growing your bottom line. Kitchen Tune-Up’s fast, minimally-invasive kitchen and bath remodeling can be easily completed any time of the year.

The Kitchen Tune-Up name

Adding a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise to your established home improvement business means gaining access to all the resources available from the Kitchen Tune-Up family. Support, training, and the award-winning, trustworthy name of Kitchen Tune-Up all become part of your enterprise. Marketing support and business planning from Kitchen Tune-Up can help take your business in new and exciting directions.

Every business is unique. If you’re curious about how Kitchen Tune-Up may fit into your current business pursuits, visit our website to see what we’re all about.

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