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Kitchen Tune-Up began as a single cabinet store in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1988. Since then, our franchise business has grown into over 290 kitchen owner-owned remodeling operations across the U.S. and Canada. Combining business savviness with hard work, we’ve built a positive brand image with national name recognition. The secret to our success is our unique marketing and sales strategy. 

The Secret to Our Success

The kind of growth Kitchen Tune-Up has experienced is no accident. Our success is a direct result of applying one of the most effective and efficient marketing and sales strategies in the kitchen remodeling industry. Kitchen Tune-Up’s unique franchise marketing and sales approach is a product of exhaustive research. For over 35 years, we’ve tried, tested, and refined our methods. Thanks to continual input from our Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees and the marketing expertise of our leadership team, our unique strategy stays up-to-date and optimized.  

We communicate and collaborate regularly with our franchise owners - weekly coaching calls, monthly newsletters, and an online forum for owners in addition to nationals reunions, online webinars, and meetings with Regional Operations Managers allow our team to be in contact with every owner on a consistent basis.


The Kitchen Remodeling Business

The kitchen represents a feeling of comfort and security. It’s the place where we kick off the morning with breakfast and come together over the preparation of the evening meal. The kitchen can set the mood for the entire house and is a true representation of the homeowner’s style, personality, and priorities.  

When a kitchen becomes worn out or dated, a “must-do” remodeling project is needed. Usually, homeowners will update their kitchen only once, possibly twice, during their ownership, but considering homeowners don’t have the experience of remodeling, they usually don’t understand how to achieve their dream kitchen. Homeowners will need seek out the advice and expertise of the professionals when it comes to transforming their kitchen into a space they can love.  

The Customers

Our core Kitchen-Tune Up customers are 50+, and couples or women who own an older home. Kitchen Tune-Up customers want timely, cost-effective kitchen update services that yield impressive results. They value convenience and service over lower price points. 

Depending on your location, state or zip code, your typical customer, of course, could vary from that description. But one of the great things about the kitchen remodeling business is that every home has a kitchen. So, regardless of age or income level, our customers can be anyone who owns a home.

There are many paths that will lead a homeowner to remodeling professionals or a particular kitchen remodeling company, and Kitchen Tune-Up is active on each and every one of those paths. 

The Right Solutions

Homeowners will generally only update their kitchen once, or possibly twice, over their lifespan in a given home. Because they do not have the experience of remodeling frequently, more often than not, they don’t have a clear idea of what they want or how to go about achieving the kitchen of their dreams... this is where Kitchen Tune-Up comes in.

The Kitchen Tune-Up brand was developed to meet the needs of the kitchen remodeling business. We provide friendly and flexible professional guidance and our unique sales process takes homeowners step-by-step through the method of transforming their out-of-date kitchen into their dream kitchen. Our remodeling solutions fit most time frames or budgets, from our Original Tune-Up or a simple cabinet painting to more complex kitchen remodeling projects.  

Sales Leads that Lead to Success

There are many paths that will lead a homeowner to remodeling professionals or a particular kitchen remodeling company. The Kitchen Tune-Up franchise marketing strategy is to stay active on each of those paths. Here’s 6 ways we help our franchisees get referrals that lead to sales: 

  1. Home Improvement Expos and Fairs. Home improvement expos are where your target market comes to see you in person. Homeowners attend these shows to gain inspiration, gather ideas, shop, and meet contractors. These shows take place year-round and are an excellent way for franchise owners to meet prospective clients, check out the competition and meet suppliers. Since you’ll need contractors to install your Kitchen Tune-Up products, expos and fairs are also great place to find those professionals too. Part of our extensive sales training shows you the best way to take advantage of all these opportunities. 
  2. Other Contractors. Often a kitchen remodel isn’t the only home project a homeowner is looking to do. Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners need to have good relations with other types of remodelers in their communities. For example, if a customer is also remodeling their deck, refer them to a good deck remodeling contractor. That referral could lead to that contractor referring you to another client down the line. 
  3. Realtors. Renovations, a custom kitchen, or a similar remodeling project is a great way to increase a home’s asking price. As a home kitchen remodeler, you’ll want to connect with realtors in your area. Our training program includes a specialized program that we designed to help you get real estate professionals on your team.  
  4. Past and Current Customers. Few things beat the power of word of mouth as a tool for building business. Having a great reputation both online and in the community is crucial for any franchisee’s success. Through search engine optimization and other online tools, Kitchen Tune-Up makes sure potential customers get the online reviews they need to make a good decision.  We also show you how to conduct follow up customer surveys to get testimonials and service recommendations. 
  5. Kitchen Tune-Up Friends and Family Referral Program. Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees are passionate about excellent service. Our customers give us rave reviews, and those reviews bring us more business. As a thank you, we reward our past and current clients for referring us to family and friends. It’s a win-win all around. 
  6. Strength in Online Numbers. A strong online presence is essential for any aspiring remodeling business. Search engines aren’t very interested in small home improvement companies. For example, when a homeowner Googles ‘kitchen remodeling project ideas’, they’ll first see national brands with heavy traffic rather than a local company. As a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owner, you are part of a larger kitchen remodeling business brand that’s far more likely to display search engine results to your local homeowners. You’ll get the direct benefit a recognized brand name earned through our social media, industry blogs, networking, and targeted public relations efforts. Our online team is happy to show you how to optimize your personal, local website and create any ads or localized material you might request. 

We've Got Your Back

Joining our established franchise means joining a winning team. Your Home Office team is serious about franchise marketing and sales support. You’ll be able to take advantage of decades of franchise experience, expertise, and know-how. We communicate and collaborate regularly with our franchise owners and provide franchise owners with access to creative materials have been designed, tried, tested, and are ready to go! If you need custom work, our talented graphic design team is available to help.  

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