Kitchen Tune-Up Launches DIY Plus Program

Headers-DIY-Plus.jpgKitchen Tune-Up now offers a DIY Plus program.

As a 32-year-old company, we’ve seen a lot over the years and work hard to always come out on the other side stronger than before. The biggest positive we’ve seen over the past few weeks is that our Home Office team and franchisees are putting their creative minds together and sharing ideas and best practices daily, if not hourly.

We’ve taken some time to think about how we can continue offering our premier services, but from the safety of our own homes, and are excited to announce we are launching a new program, called DIY Plus. This program allows homeowners to tackle their kitchen and home projects themselves, but with assistance from the Kitchen Tune-Up experts, that guide them through the entire process.

Not all our services lend themselves to this program, like refacing or Tune-Ups, which require a highly skilled technician and/or proprietary materials to complete. We’ve come up with 5 services that we can offer under this program:

Garage cabinets
Cabinet accessories and organizers
Custom closets
Cabinet painting

Each program has a specific set of instructions and guidelines that we continue to refine as our franchisees across the country implement them and make suggestions on how to streamline the process. Again, the specific process varies slightly for each service, but follow the same 3 basic steps:

Initial virtual consultation where the franchise owner goes over a design guide and has a conversation with the customer about what their needs are. If needed, the call may also include virtual guidance on how to measure the space.

Next, the franchise owner does all the ordering and the materials are shipped directly to the customer’s home.
The customer receives detailed instructions, sometimes with videos, on how to get started, and if they run into any issues, they can call the owner to walk through any steps they need help with.

Through all of this, our keyword has been “pivot”. We know from experience that those that embrace what is happening and change their core offerings, will make it through the other side. We also see ideas we may keep in our systems even after all of this passes, like virtual appointments.

The reason why you buy into a franchise is the support and systems, and that’s never been more evident than now. We’ve embraced the #NoTunieLeftBehind mentality, which is why we are pivoting daily to come up with creative solutions to get through this temporary new normal.

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