Kitchen Tune-Up Offers Sense of Freedom in Milford, CT

Jim Palavras, owner of Kitchen Tune-Up in Milford, CT, longed to return to his roots as a business owner. After 16 years as a wealth management advisor, Jim sought the “sense of freedom” he felt as his own boss.

“Early in my career I owned my own brick and mortar business,” Jim recalls. “While it was a lot of endless hours and weekends, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was happy. When life went in a different direction, and I entered the corporate world, I found I missed being my own boss…and the feeling of being in control of my own destiny.”

When he had a chance to be an entrepreneur again, Jim seized it. “After much thought, finding an established franchise company with a winning formula for me to run with was the answer.”

Why Choose Kitchen Tune-Up?

A remodeling and home improvement business fits well with his family’s love for their own home. Jim’s wife Robin is a real estate agent and interior designer who “designed every room and handpicked every item” when they purchased their fixer-upper house.

“The crown jewel is our kitchen,” Jim says. “[Robin] does a lot of design work for her real estate clients, particularly their kitchens. I enjoyed those discussions with her, especially given the work we put into our own home.” Home remodeling was an easy choice for his business, he says.

For Jim, Kitchen Tune-Up’s people—and the support they provide—are what truly sets Kitchen Tune-Up apart. The home office gives priority to helping owners succeed. “This comes in the form of training, providing tons of learning materials, mentorships, franchisee social media groups, thorough onboarding, and boosting morale in general,” Jim says. “Everyone in the organization, from the home office to the other franchise owners, emits a sense of good energy and unequivocal support.”

“The Feeling of Family”

Because of his background in customer service, the easiest part of the business is working with his Kitchen Tune-Up customers. “I get excited along with them when they discuss their renovation goals with me,” Jim says.

“Excited” is also Jim’s word for how he feels about his employees. “It is so important to have the feeling of family with my team. Starting the day with a pep talk, discussing the day’s work, and getting feedback from them is something I look forward to,” Jim says.

Jim and Robin are still working on their fixer-upper, but make time to hike, bike, run and relax at the beach. You can find them in local restaurants and breweries with friends or cheering on their favorite sports teams. (“Jim is all Boston and Robin is all New York” in sports, they say, but somehow they manage to co-exist!)

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