New Kitchen Tune-Up Brings Do-It-Yourself Flair to Conroe, TX

“Hands on” defines new Tunie Chris Endrai. Endrai, the new owner of Kitchen Tune-Up in Conroe, TX, loves remodeling, woodworking, and trying new challenges—all great attributes for a franchise owner.

Endrai chose Kitchen Tune-Up after 29 years as an engineer in the oil, gas and chemical industries. His last employer was enduring an economic downturn, and Endrai’s job had become less challenging and rewarding. He felt he had achieved the goals he’d set for himself as an engineer. What next?

He realized he wanted “more direct control over my financial success” than he had as someone else’s employee. Franchising provides not only a solid business model, it reduces the risks that come with starting a new business, Endrai notes. Kitchen Tune-Up’s support network of owners and home office staff means he has backup from people who are familiar with the challenges he’ll face along the way, Endrai says.

“More Than A Place to Warm Up Dinner”

Kitchen Tune-Up not only fit what Endrai wanted from a business, it also dovetailed with his active, creative hobbies—one of which is home remodeling. He’s also a woodworker and furniture builder, so he knows his way around home projects.

His first experience updating a kitchen was updating his own. He’s got the details down: “As part of a larger project that included laying hardwood and tile floors, I updated the kitchen to granite counters, stone tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, halogen track and under cabinet lighting, and deeper sinks with gooseneck faucets. I improvised a mini-island using two cabinets and the sink cutout from my granite counters,” Endrai says.

Endrai brings that enthusiasm for kitchens, plus his do-it-yourself spirit, to Kitchen Tune-Up.

“I’ve experienced the joy and satisfaction of turning my own boring kitchen into a home treasure,” Endrai says.  “Kitchens should be more than a place to warm up dinner. They should be nurturing and provide recreation…. They should offer modern amenities and conveniences built by old-fashioned quality craftsmanship.”

Hands-On at Home

In his free time, Endrai will keep pursuing his own building and cooking goals at home, and he says he’s got plans for when he can host friends again someday. He already built his own travertine patio in the backyard. Next, he wants to create a wood-fired pizza oven.

“I want to one day gather with friends for an authentic, old world, artisan cooking experience using my hand-built, wood-fired, outdoor oven,” Endrai notes. He hopes to cook “authentic, savory Italian dishes” with tomatoes he grows himself—tomatoes he waters from his rainwater collection barrels and then cans himself. Endrai says he looks on the pandemic as an opportunity to learn about self-reliance, so he’s been inspired to start collecting rainwater, gardening, canning and installing solar panels.

To see what the Conroe Kitchen Tune-Up team is working on, and to learn more about what Kitchen Tune-Up can do to make kitchen dreams into realities, visit Endrai’s website today.

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