Tested and Proven Systems Inspire New Kitchen Tune-Up St. Augustine, FL Owners

For Aaron and Shelly Kozlowski, new owners of Kitchen Tune-Up St. Augustine, FL, joining the Kitchen Tune-Up family made sense. Home improvement was already their personal passion.

Aaron and Shelly’s careers were in information technology operations and accounting and finance, but they enjoyed side jobs in custom woodworking and remodeling. The couple was considering going full-time into the home improvement business for themselves. Then they started to consider franchising.

“We had successfully remodeled two houses, and the stunning kitchens were the focal point of each remodel,” they recall. “We were looking at launching a custom cabinetry business and found that we wanted to do more.” 

Becoming Entrepreneurs

They were eager to be their own bosses, but also felt that using “tested and proven systems” would ensure business success. “Franchises offer a way to enter into a new career field and entrepreneurship simultaneously,” the Kozlowskis say.

The Kozlowskis spent several years researching franchises in general, before reaching out to a professional adviser and starting a more intensive search for the right business.

“We spent four months of intense review before making our decision to join the Kitchen Tune-Up family,” they say. “Kitchen Tune-Up was the only multi-generational business we found. Over 30 years in business, and consistent and solid profitability combined to make it an easy choice for our future.”

Initially, the Kozlowskis’ concern was sales. “We knew we had the technical and financial experience to run a business, but the sales side was intimidating,” they say. With training and some Kitchen Tune-Up experience under their belts, they have new confidence: “We have gifts for sales and marketing that we hadn’t realized.”

The biggest learning curve was understanding all of Kitchen Tune-Up’s processes. “The methods of a tune-up are very complex, you must have a fine eye for color and blending,” the Kozlowskis note. The easiest part of adjusting to Kitchen Tune-Up? The helpful CRM tool. “The processes and software inside the software and dashboard make building the estimates a simple process flow.”

A Business Adventure

Shelly and Aaron have owned a home in St. Augustine since 2017 and moved there permanently in 2020. Their love for their Florida home is clear. “There is a connection to history and the people of America here that can’t be found anywhere else,” they say. “We enjoy learning the area history and help to support and preserve it. We also work to sustain the healthy wildlife, waters and green spaces around us.”

They have four adult children, and their youngest daughter works with them at Kitchen Tune-Up. When they’re not improving kitchens, the Koslowskis might be hiking, biking, camping, or out on the beach playing fetch with their energetic border collie.

Here’s how these new Tunies describe themselves: “We are regular people with regular lives who found the courage to step into the future adventure waiting for us.”

To find out more about how Kitchen Tune-Up can be your next adventure, check out our website, ktufranchise.com, or call 1-888-890-5210, to speak to a licensed franchise advisor.

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