The Case for Home Remodeling Businesses During Social Distancing

KTUFran_Headers-Testimonials.jpgHomeowners are still renovating, even during the pandemic which makes buying a home service franchise a good idea, even now.

Homeowners are still renovating, even during the pandemic. With widespread stay-at-home orders, you might think that larger home improvement projects would take a place on the backburner, but people are more eager than ever to give their homes a bit of a makeover. And it’s not hard to see why. Anyone staring at the same rooms 24 hours a day is bound to start noticing where their home could stand some improvement.

A large survey of homeowners and renters conducted by shows that most people are desperate to upgrade their homes and in particular, their kitchens. The majority of those surveyed are looking for one of three things to make the stay-at-home orders more bearable:

#1: More space
#2: An upgraded kitchen
#3: A home gym

And these aren’t just pipe dreams, either. The survey found that 32% of homeowners have started a home improvement project of some kind, from revamping the garage to repainting the bathroom.

Overall, better usability and more space are major motivators for people right now. It stands to reason that people stuck at home would want to update their most frequently used rooms, such as the kitchen. While the majority of those surveyed wanted an overall improved living space, 13% specifically identified an updated kitchen as their top desire.

Is opening a franchise a good idea right now?

If you’re interested in the possibility of a home remodeling franchise, you might be wondering if now is the time to pounce. The market is there, and it’s a good sign that homeowners are still looking to invest in their houses, despite the difficult times.

Opting for a franchise business avoids some of the difficulties of entrepreneurship that might otherwise scare away new business owners during uncertain economic times. For those that already have a complimentary business, a kitchen remodeling franchise can make a great addition to help bolster profits during the pandemic and beyond.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a franchise depends on a lot of factors, and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your business or career. If you’re interested in making the first step towards owning your own remodeling business, go to to explore franchise opportunities for your business and location.

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