The Customer is Always Right: A Glowing Review of Kitchen Tune-Up Coral Gables-Miami


Nothing drives improvement like customer feedback. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we make it a practice to seek out feedback from each customer after the completion of our project. We’ve certainly read through many comment cards over the years. This little practice identifies what we’re doing right and helps us craft even better experiences for our customers.

Karin Motoki, who owns Kitchen Tune-Up Coral Gables-Miami, is no stranger to positive customer comments, but one of her most recent jobs ended with such a glowing review that we just had to share.

Recounting all the praise Karin’s team earned would take all day, so we’ve cut it down to just the highlights. Here’s what her customer had to say about the team’s work on his condo’s kitchen.

“Every promise she made, she delivered”

How often do remodeling teams (and businesses in general) promise the moon only to fall disappointingly short? Creating honest expectations and then exceeding them is one of the marks that sets Kitchen Tune-Up apart from our competitors.

It seems so simple: just do what you promise to do. But clearly this struck a chord with Karin’s customer. When she promised her team would be done working by 4:30pm each day, they were cleaned up and gone at 4:15. When she guaranteed a sleek, modern kitchen, she made sure her team delivered something truly gorgeous.

“This was the best experience from anyone I have ever hired”

Our franchise owners and team members know just how important a kitchen is to a home. No matter what the order, they strive to get it right, because they know the end result will mean so much to the customer.

Karin’s latest customer review was so full of compliments that it wouldn’t fit on a single comment card, so her customer called our Home Office to let us know and when he asked who he could tell the story to, he was shocked when the call was transferred to Heidi Morrisey, Kitchen Tune-Up’s President. 

“I wish I had another house so she could do that kitchen too”

Although most homes only have one kitchens, Karin, and our franchises around the country, help tune-up other areas of the home like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and any room in the house that has woodwork or cabinetry!

Customer reviews are what matter the most in the service industry. In fact, it’s trial by customer review that’s earned us our many service awards!

Any franchisee’s victory is celebrated by the whole Kitchen Tune-Up family as we all put in the effort to follow our company Trustpoints, all of which emphasize respect, communication, and timeliness. I think it’s fair to say Karin and her team have these qualities down to a science!

Karin shared the before and after pictures of the kitchen so we could also see the amazing transformation her customer raved about!

If you would like to learn more about Karin and Kitchen Tune-Up Coral Gables-Miami, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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