A Day in the Life of Shane Noble, Kitchen Tune-Up Franchisee


Shane Noble loves to work and has big dreams as a Kitchen Tune-Up Developer. He jumped at the idea of the Development Business Model right after Kitchen Tune-Up President, Heidi Morrissey, pitched the idea. Shane lives in Idaho Falls, ID and owns locations in Idaho Falls, ID; Boise, ID; and Salt Lake City, UT.

When it comes to Shane’s team, he has some employees that work at one location and a few that will travel between the locations as needed. Idaho Falls currently has a manager, salesperson, technician, and a traveling employee who schedules/measures/and orders for all sites. Salt Lake City has a salesperson, technician, and traveling sales manager. Boise currently has a salesperson and the team will continue to grow.

Shane does spend a lot of time traveling as he ramps up his businesses and tries to do 2 days, 2 days, and 1 day at each site every week. He is spending the most time at Boise and his time at Salt Lake City is starting to taper off. Even though he continues to open new locations, Shane predicts soon there will be less traveling involved as he brings on more employees and the business starts to stabilize.