A Day in the Life of a First Year Franchise Owner

Tara Hansen loved working for Kitchen Tune-Up so much that she bought the franchise from the previous owner!

Her journey all started with an agreement to run the Kitchen Tune-Up booth at a state fair. She was promised a small bonus for each appointment she booked and at the end of the fair, she had secured over 40 appointments! Tara accompanied the owner on all the sales calls to help with all the extra work and fell in love with the process of helping someone go from “this is what I want” to achieving the end results.

She eventually quit her job working the graveyard shift 7 nights a week delivering newspapers to work full-time for Kitchen Tune-Up as a Sales and Business Manager. After learning the process and seeing how the business was run, she agreed to buy the franchise in January 2019 so the previous owners could retire.

Tara can now wake up and go to bed with the rest of her family and has the time and energy to enjoy life with her husband and 7 kids. Life is busy and her husband, Ben, helps with keeping the kids organized and steps in to help with jobs as needed. Her oldest daughter has also joined the business and the previous owner’s son has stayed on, even with the change in ownership. Tara currently manages 3 different crews and has a goal of overseeing 15 crews throughout her territory.


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