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2020-7-boyd-header__medium.jpgJoe and Amanda Boyd, owners of Kitchen Tune-Up Sugar Land, TX.

Joe Boyd wasn’t really looking to own a franchise at first. And once he started thinking about ownership, Kitchen Tune-Up wasn’t the first franchise he investigated.

Now Joe and Amanda Boyd are the enthusiastic new owners of Kitchen Tune-Up Sugar Land, TX, all thanks to one class Joe took in grad school.

Joe spent 13 years in sales and marketing for the oil and gas service industry. Amanda was busy advancing in the medical coding field to her current job with Texas Children’s Hospital. In 2018, Joe started work on his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. He discovered Kitchen Tune-Up after studying franchising in one of his classes.

What piqued his interest in this business model? “Having a support structure to launch our first business is very appealing,” Joe explains. “If I had done some kind of startup, it would take a lot more trial and error, which could lead to an early demise of the company. With the franchise system, there is a tried and true method for success in all types of markets.”

The support provided by franchising not only helps owners lay the foundations of their businesses, it also helps them scale up their businesses over time, Joe notes.

During the last few years of his corporate job, Joe became more aware of how company politics influenced decisions and damaged morale. Being his own boss means none of the politics and all of the responsibility. Now, “the buck stops right here with us,” Joe says. “The support tools are available to us, but how we implement them will dictate our level of success.”

Does Virtual Training Work?

Joe was impressed with Kitchen Tune-Up supportiveness, but he had a concern. “I was a bit skeptical that [Kitchen Tune-Up’s] enthusiasm would trail off once we committed to the franchise,” he admits.

The reality was the exact opposite. Kitchen Tune-Up sticks with its owners, Joe notes. “Not only have they gone above and beyond our expectations, but other franchise owners have also reached out to offer their support as we get started,” he says. “My only regret at this point is that I didn’t start sooner.”

At first, Amanda and Joe weren’t sure that Kitchen Tune-Up’s virtual training was right for them. Joe even considered putting off training—and starting his business—until 2021, so he could train in person.

Now Joe is glad he and Amanda gave virtual training a try. “I would have loved to be there in person, but I was ready to get started as soon as I could,” he says. “By moving forward, I’m able to show my resiliency by starting a business during a pandemic.” He says that virtual training taught him and Amanda everything they needed to launch their franchise. For Amanda, there was a bonus to training at home: She could still work her regular job while completing Kitchen Tune-Up training.

Creating Customers’ Dreams

Kitchen Tune-Up brings them tremendous satisfaction. “We love the fact that we get to turn our customers’ dream kitchens into a reality within their own home,” Joe says. “You cannot put a price tag on the joy that these transformations will create with our customers and their families.”

When they’re not helping customers bring kitchen dreams to life, the Boyds and their daughter Kaitlyn enjoy family time. They moved to Texas from the Northeast in 2015— they say they “traded our snow shovels for swimming pools!” Joe fishes, golf and loves motorsports, while Amanda enjoys fitness, the outdoors, and time with her friends.

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