Day in the Life - Collaborating for Success


Chase Vincent may be new to franchising, but he’s been around a business block or two. Chase and his wife Elizabeth work every day to make sure their Kitchen Tune-Up helps not just their Louisville customers, but their fellow KTU franchisees, as well.

Chase reserves time each day to step back from his busy schedule and do something to help a Kitchen Tune-Up family member grow their branch of the franchise. It’s this mindset of collaboration and mutual support that makes the Kitchen Tune-Up family just that—a family.

To some people it’s extra work, to Chris it’s just another day in the life of a franchisee.

“Go for it!”

This dedication to collaboration extends to Chase’s own Kitchen Tune-Up team, too. For Chase, being a leader means working with your team to deliver the best customer experience possible. So while a lot of Chase’s day-to-day routine is taken up by networking, marketing and other big picture management tasks, he’s always got time to get down on the ground level and make sure every customer is getting the kitchen of their dreams and having a great time in the process.

Chase’s advice to others with a similar mindset? “Just go for it!” Franchising isn’t always the first idea that springs into the entrepreneur’s mind, but so often it’s the perfect fit.

Putting in the effort today for a better tomorrow

Chase runs Louisville’s only Kitchen Tune-Up, and he’s dedicated to providing his community with every tool it needs to better the lives of its citizens, one kitchen at a time. What this means is that Chase’s Kitchen Tune-Up is always growing and improving. Every day Chase and his team put in a little extra effort to make sure tomorrow is just that much better.

Chase is currently working on expanding his Kitchen Tune-Up to include a retail space to give his clients more options.

Chase’s customer-first mindset and dedicated collaborative efforts are certainly not uncommon among Kitchen Tune-Up business owners, just look at Cheryl Wojcickij!

Visit Kitchen Tune-Up Louisville East’s website to see for yourself the amazing work his team does on a daily basis.


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