Entrepreneurship in Streetsboro, OH

2020_3_Deevers_Header-01.jpgScott Deevers, owner of Kitchen Tune-Up Streetsboro, OH

Keeping busy is never a problem for Scott Deevers.  Kitchen Tune-Up’s new owner in Streetsboro, OH, already had plenty on his plate before becoming a Tunie.

Scott describes himself as a father to “an exciting family” with active involvement in their community, school, and soccer. Rescued pets happily dash around their home. The family hosts soccer coaches from around the world who come to Ohio to “bring the joy of soccer to children,” Scott says.

So why take on a franchise? And why Kitchen Tune-Up?

Become an Entrepreneur

“I went into franchising to gain a sense of independence and stability for my family,” Scott says. Kitchen Tune-Up showed him he could enjoy the independence of being an entrepreneur while at the same time being part of a larger team with a proven track record.

Scott says the chief benefit of franchise ownership is “unquestionably the processes developed by the franchise and assistance in comprehending the path to success.” Owners don’t have to figure everything out on their own. The company is there to guide them, yet encourages owners to make their franchises a truly personal business.

Buying a franchise also taught Scott something about his previous career, in executive management in the service industry. That position was “singularly focused,” he notes. Now, he says, he realizes that as a franchise owner, he is capable of handling more than he thought possible.

“Genuine Concern for My Success”

The most challenging part of joining KTU has been learning the nitty-gritty how-to of kitchen remodeling, Scott says. But even with his initially limited knowledge of the hands-on technical side, he found the training explained what he needed to know clearly and understandably.

He adds that the initial setup of the business “was less stressful than I imagined…. Kitchen Tune-Up exhibited genuine concern for my personal franchise success and provided me with a high level of training in all of the phases of the business, most critically the in-home sales process,” Scott says. “Trusting in the process has been difficult, but rewarding.”

To see what Scott’s Kitchen Tune-Up franchise is working on, look through the Project Gallery here.

Scott and his team serve Ohio homeowners across Streetsboro and neighboring towns. Ensuring that customers make informed choices is a hallmark of the Streetsboro team. Ensuring that employees have a “safe and enriching” career is Scott’s goal for everyone who works for him.

To learn more about opening your own Kitchen Tune-Up, visit our franchise development website here. If you are looking to have your kitchen updated by Scott, visit his website or give him a call at (330) 593-9349. Visit our Locator tool to find other Kitchen Tune-Up locations around the country.

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