Featured Franchise: Kitchen Tune-Up Downers Grove, IL

FeaturedFranchise-Ceranec.jpgMarty C. is one of our long-time franchisees and has been updating kitchens across Downers Grove, IL since 1994.

A self-proclaimed “Tuneasauras,” Marty C. has been renovating kitchens in the Chicago suburbs since 1994. Well known in the Downers Grove community and in our franchise family, we can count on this long-time Tunie for much more than cabinet updates and great project photos. He’s served on our franchise Advisory Council, written a monthly column for our newsletter (The National Wood Review), co-hosted award ceremonies at our National Reunion, served on panels at training sessions, and much more. He’s also been known to ship the Home Office team Lou Malnati’s pizza at the holidays – which is always a hit.

With so many fun projects and Reunions over the years, our team was very curious about what would top his list of favorites.  Read more from our interview below.  Thanks as always, Marty C.!

What was your career before becoming a Tunie?

Tennis director

What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

I get to design, plan, and create kitchen makeovers just like they do on HGTV. But it doesn’t cost me anything and on top of it, people pay me money to do it! I enjoy working with people in my community and coming up with a budget-appropriate solution for their kitchen update.

What comes to mind as your most memorable kitchen update?

I did a complete six-figure kitchen makeover with my brother that was way beyond our comfort zone. After it was done we both stood back and said “wow” we did it. And no one got hurt!

Any advice for someone thinking about making the leap and buying their own franchise?
Make sure you’re buying a franchise that feeds into your passion - and then remember it’s a business - not a hobby.

When you’re not working, what is your favorite hobby or pastime? 

My wife and I love going out with friends to dinner. I also love to golf, and as pedestrian, as it sounds I love to do crossword puzzles.

What’s something unique about your area? 
We are in a sports mecca in the Chicago area.

We switch up our National Reunion location each year.  What has been your favorite city to visit or most memorable Reunion so far?

Every city with the Tunies is awesome because we spend a lot of time indoors anyway learning & networking. But as far as a favorite city itself you can’t beat San Antonio with the Riverwalk . . . and any city near the water.

Do you have a favorite cabinet door style?
Whatever the customer likes!

What was the biggest motivator to why you bought your own franchise business?

It was a franchise with a unique niche, which it still is.  Also, as improbable as it sounds, I loved the idea of it being headquartered in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It truly is a system with heartland values.

What have you found to be the biggest benefit to franchise ownership?  
The many people that I’ve met and become friends with all over the nation, and all the places we’ve visited because our National Reunion is in a different city each year.

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