Featured Owner: Idaho and Utah Developer, Shane Noble

Developer Shane Noble will be opening multiple locations across Idaho and Utah.

We have recently redesigned and launched our business models and are excited to offer more options to owners who are looking to expand their territory or own and operate several franchises. Our business continues to expand and there is a greater need to reach more customers across the U.S. as the kitchen remodeling industry continues to grow year after year.

Under our new business model structure, we offer 3 exciting options: Single Unit Owner, Executive 2 and 3, and Development Plans. The Executive model is for an owner who is looking to have a larger territory operating out of 2 or 3 contiguous markets, and the Development model is for an entrepreneur who is looking to open 3 or more franchises in multiple markets.

Our first developer, Shane Noble, joined our franchise family about a year ago and has already opened 4 franchises across Idaho and Utah. Shane is an entrepreneur who loves to work and is passionate about his businesses. The initial number of franchises he proposed has already increased, and we are excited to see his success continue!

When we asked Shane why he wanted to be a franchise owner he said it was two things. First, it was the “freedom of making the business run how you want it to” and he loves nothing more than “seeing the look on the client’s face and getting a hug when the project is done”.

If you are interested in learning more about our business models, visit our Business Models page.

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