Interview with a Kitchen Tune-Up Tunie - Glenn Keller

Marty Ceranec, long-time Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owner, kindly contributes to our national newsletter and our blog. He calls these an “Interview with a Tunie, By a Tunie.”

This interview features Glenn Keller:

Glenn is one of our longest-running franchise operations in the Chicago suburbs. Glenn is an owner-operator and still does a lot of Tune-Ups.  He has served as council president two different times and is always a measured voice of reason at Kitchen Tune-Up Reunions.

Q. You had a bad past experience when you owned another franchise. How did you discover Kitchen Tune-Up and what motivated you to try another franchise brand?

A. A long-time buddy of mine, a window installer, was doing a job at a house where they just had a project done by Kitchen Tune-Up.  He thought this would be perfect for me.  Starting with the initial phone call, they were as nice as can be—a 180° turn from my past business.  I thought, these folks are either great snake oil salesmen, or else I just found the nicest people on the planet. Here I am 20 years later. 

Q.  After 20 years and two contracts, how long do you plan on continuing?

A. I’m thinking I got five more years in me.  After that, I’ll probably get involved in some non-profit work, preferably in a community outreach position.

Q. Being very active in your local Chamber of Commerce has been a great source of networking you for, hasn’t it?

A. It’s given me a lot of opportunities to give back to the community.  In addition to getting a lot of leads, it is helped to brand me as the kitchen source in the community.  Also, something I’ve learned about networking; rather than making small talk and passing out 20 cards, I try to focus on 3-4 people who I really get to know.  The other nice feature of the Chamber is that we all have our issues regardless of the business we are in.

Q. We know you’re a technological Luddite.  How do you manage to stay successful in this techno-world?  And by the way, how’s your flip phone? 

A. I am not sure, but I like the word “Luddite.”  There are still a lot of people out there that think like me and even though some methods have changed, people still respond to honesty, sincerity, and a firm handshake.  My flip phone is great.  I can make calls and I can receive calls.  Period!

Q. What advice do you have for Baby Tunies?

A. Enjoy the ride!  Before you know it, you have 20 years and two contracts in your rearview mirror.


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