Interview with Kitchen Tune-Up “Tunies” – Bruce & Lori Morgan

Marty Ceranec, long-time Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owner in Downers Grove, IL enjoys interviewing other franchise owners to feature on our blog.  Marty has been part of our franchise system since 1994. He calls these an “Interview with a Tunie, By a Tunie.”

This interview is with Bruce & Lori Morgan.

The Rocky Mountains here we come!  Specifically, Colorado Springs, CO. (This is one of my favorite places on earth along with Lake Tahoe. Why do I live in Mall Laden Suburbia?!)  Bruce & Lori Morgan are coming up on 21 years of being with Kitchen Tune-Up, making them one of the oldest of time old franchises. I have to say they are a loving (and lovely) couple and are two of the most sincere and real people I’ve ever met.  When I think of family values, I think of Bruce and Lori, and I greatly cherish their friendship.

Q.  Wow, almost 21 years!  Does it feel like it?
A.  Lori – YES!  Bruce – Yes and no; depends on the day.

Q. What advice do you have for Baby Tunies?
A. Find good employees!  We like people who have a good ethic, are willing to learn, and have good people skills.

Q. Some of us know you lost everything in the Waldo Canyon wildfire in 2012.  What can you share with us about that experience?
A. We are still emotionally and physically getting over it.  We finally moved into our newly rebuilt house in time for last Christmas, but still have episodes of PTSD.  We were certainly in no way prepared for such a loss, but our strong faith kept us together.  Two bits of practical advice:  1) know what your home insurance covers, and 2) have backups off-site for all of your business & personal files and documents.

Q. What has Kitchen Tune-Up meant to you?
A. Kitchen Tune-Up is an extension of our family that we have come to love and cherish.  Because of it, we’ve taught our children good work ethics.  It has enabled us to raise our family and given us many memorable vacations.

Q.  What is your best memory with Kitchen Tune-Up?
A.  First of all, winning the Franny of the Year Award and the Alaskan cruise that goes with it, which coincided with our 20th wedding anniversary.  But far more importantly, to see the system come together to support us after the fire. We can’t even begin to express our thanks for the cards, prayers, and financial support from our fellow owners.2015-Marty-Morgans.jpg

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