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Joining Kitchen Tune-Up means more than simply investing in a proven franchise concept – you’re joining a family of franchisees that have similar interests, goals, and dreams. It sounds cliché, but it’s true – the Kitchen Tune-Up annual convention is even called a “National Reunion!”

Though franchisees come from different backgrounds and live in separate markets, the sense of community between franchisees is strong. Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees are constantly communicating with one another, giving advice, and helping out with project suggestions. They have dedicated Facebook groups where they can groupthink, post questions, and foster collaboration.

Whether you’re a Baby Tunie (less than one year in the system, a Tunie (more than one year) or a Tunasaurus (more than 10 years), every franchisee knows the value of learning from his or her peers, creating a more collaborative work environment. The home office (referred to as the “Homies” by franchisees) aren’t left out of the fun, either – in fact, franchisees pooled their resources to purchase a cruise for Founder & President Dave Haglund and his wife Cindy for Kitchen Tune-Up’s 20th anniversary!

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