Kitchen Tune-Up Launches System-Wide Podcast

We’ve recently launched our own private podcast channel and we are having so much fun with it! Our franchise owners have always said they wish Kitchen Tune-Up President, Heidi Morrissey, would just walk around with a tape recorder all day so they can listen to her advice and guidance so, we decided to listen!

We launched two private channels: Stay Tuned and Tunify Your Day. Stay Tuned features full-length episodes that range from interviews with owners on retail space and hiring to discussions on financing, best practices, and marketing budgets.


The second channel, Tunify Your Day, is focused on short 4 or 5-minute episodes to start your day off right. Heidi alternates between sharing inspiration such as visual goal setting or what to do with negative people to giving snippets of business advice such as time management and client attraction plans.

The podcasts have been met with rave reviews from our owners, who say they now feel more connected to the Home Office and love learning from our system leaders on how they run their successful franchises. The episodes range from 10 minutes to an hour and give owners an opportunity to continue growing and learning while they are in their car, getting ready for the day, or want to start their day on a high note.

The channels were made private due to the company-specific information that is shared, so only owners currently in the system are given access. So, no matter how hard you look, Stay Tuned and Tunify Your Day cannot be found!

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