Kitchen Tune-Up Rochester Welcomes New Owner Larry Turowski

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, Larry Turowski’s livelihood took a hit. He was in business for himself, but as a real estate investor, landlord and house flipper, he found his income falling.

“Flips in real estate were getting slimmer and harder to find,” Turowski recalls. “Then Covid crushed rent collections. I needed to diversify and decided to look at franchises. I loved the [Kitchen Tune-Up] concept from the start.”

Today, Turowski is the new owner of Kitchen Tune-Up Rochester, NY, serving a swath of communities in the region while building his new business venture.

Kitchen Tune-Up’s business model and the fact he could continue to be his own boss appealed to Turowski as he researched franchises. Kitchen Tune Up’s validation calls, in which current franchise owners talk to prospective franchisees, helped sell Turowski on the company. Those calls “set Kitchen Tune-Up apart from other franchises I was looking at,” he notes.

Working as a Team

Turowski’s goal for his Kitchen Tune-Up is to approach everything as a team. “We start with our own team (the Tunifiers!) of kitchen remodeling experts dedicated to quality, service, and mutual growth, and team up with our clients to help them achieve their dream kitchen and home,” he says.

“We also realize it’s not all about us and our ‘immediate family,’ and seek opportunities to bring hope, healing and health to those in need in our Greater Rochester community,” Turowski adds.

Turowski and his wife Stacy aren’t Rochester natives but have grown to love the city. They relish family hikes in the area’s parks. He runs for exercise, too, though he’s quick to joke that you might walk up Rochester’s challenging Cobb Hill faster than he runs up it!

The couple enjoys gathering with neighbors and friends around the fire pit on the patio at home, and Turowski says they’re “fortunate enough that family members come for visits throughout the year. Our favorite thing is just to spend time with those we love and to serve those whom God gives us to love.”

Find out more about this new Tunie and his Kitchen Tune-Up team, and see their Project Gallery for ideas, visit their website here.

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