Profile on Kitchen Tune-Up Denver, CO Owners, Paul and Kathryn Jost

2020_8_Jost_Header_1.jpgPaul and Kathryn Jost, owners of Kitchen Tune-Up Denver, CO

Paul and Kathryn Jost have owned their Kitchen Tune-Up business for less than a year, but their success is already drawing attention from the larger franchising community beyond the Kitchen Tune-Up family.

Franchise Dictionary Magazine profiled the Josts in its December 2020 edition. The magazine informs prospective franchise owners, across all industries, about how to launch and sustain franchise businesses.

The Josts opened Kitchen Tune-Up Denver, CO in January 2020. Awards followed quickly: They’ve earned several National Project of the Month Awards for especially creative remodeling jobs, and in September, they brought home Kitchen Tune-Up’s National Customer Service Award.

All those awards, so early in their new career, aren’t the only reasons Franchise Dictionary Magazine threw a spotlight on the Josts. The profile outlines how the couple embraced franchise ownership as a great option for anyone who wants to leave a corporate career behind.

Paul felt that corporate culture had changed during his 15 years as a marketing executive, and he wanted a more family, and team, oriented career. Kathryn describes how her decade as the owner of her own hair salon helped her make the shift to franchise ownership.

Both tell Franchise Dictionary Magazine why they’d advise others to check out franchising as a way to build a long-lasting business.

Read about the Josts in Franchise Dictionary Magazine by clicking here to see “Kitchen Tune-Up: A Recipe for Success.”

You can learn more about the Josts and their business, including before-and-after pictures of those award-winning projects, at their website and Facebook page.

Who are these hard-working Tunies? The Josts have three daughters and love to spend time camping, hiking and sightseeing in Colorado. When they’re not in the great outdoors, they’re foodies who check out the latest restaurants.


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